My friends are amazed by my confidence
They wonder where I get all
the strength
Well why the fuck shouldn’t I be happy in my own skin?
Why shouldn’t I think that I own every room that I walk in?
“Oh wow I wish I was like you?”
Bitch, do you know what I’ve been through?
From burning my hair, dying to get it straight
Too all sorts of bodily hate
Starving, exercising, puking it out
That’s what being 15 was all about
In return I got some attention from the boys in my classes
But my grades were barely scraping the passes
So I got a grip of my precious life
What my mother gave me will suffice
I walk with my head up high
Don’t ever let anyone see my cry
I talk to others proudly and clear
Because I have nothing to fucking fear
I know my worth and what I deserve
Thats why I love every edge and every curve

You should too
Please, just fucking love you.

p.k — love yourself (via youalonefilltheuniverse)